The voice is a reflection of the soul. Singing is a form of expression of our innermost feelings through producing melodic sound. Learning how to sing is a journey of self-discovery, and not always a road to stardom...

My lessons are focused on learning the critical fundamentals of vocal technique, before anything else, specifically posture and breathing.  One of my teachers early in my own training told me: singing is 70% breathing*. The remaining 30% is everything else, intonation, articulation, diction, phrasing and interpretation. I completely support that, therefore I designed a progressive program for beginner students or students with some training (up to Grade 3 RCM or equivalent), which starts with 4 lessons of Fundamental breathing and air control  - Session 1 - followed by 4 lessons of Fundamental voice production and scales - Session 2. After these two sessions - weekly or bi-weekly - I will evaluate the student to determine if she/he is ready for Session 3, Progressive scales, control and repertoire.
By breathing she referred through the complex physical process of inhaling, suspending,  controlled exhalation leading to correct and effortless phonation.

The success of my lessons will depend on your dedication and eagerness to learn, on your patience with yourself and on your ability to understand and follow instruction. Don't get discouraged by the technical terms. Session 1 and Session 2 are a series of hands-on interactive breathing and vocal exercises to understand and learn the mechanism of singing. We will not move on to the actual singing of songs until you master this. If you don't master it, you can return after one or two months break and repeat the first two sessions.

In my experience I found that too little attention is dedicated to correct breathing and posture, and often a singer progresses to more advanced levels with harmful bad habits that interfere with mastering more demanding repertoire. For intermediate/more advanced singers - Grade 4 RCM and up - I offer an evaluation session of 1 hour, where I will evaluate the student's current vocal fitness and technique, student's goals and plans, I will make comments to point out strengths and weaknesses and I will discuss how can I contribute to the student's vocal evolution.

I prepare students for RCM examinations up to Grade 9 as well as for post-secondary / university level auditions.

I teach from my home studio at Yonge and Steeles. Please click on the links below for more details or send me an email to info@themagicofvoice.com.



Free 30 minute Voice Evaluation - NEW STUDENTS ONLY

Email info@themagicofvoice.com to book your session



A group workshop for all ages, covering breathing techniques, warm-up exercises, voice projection basics and more.

All ages, parents of students are welcome to!!!
It will be a laid back, fun session,
packed with a lot of great info for people who love singing!

Sunday, April 10, 2016
3:00-5:00 PM

Fresh home made lemonade and cookies will be served!

Email me at info@themagicofvoice.com to register!




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